MEI-HOLLYWOOD is a full service and a Contractor audiovisual production company based in Los
Angeles and PALM SPRING,CALIFORNIA USA. We produce broadcast quality audiovisual productions
for national and international clients. Film Productions, Digital Video, Audio and TV Productions.
From conception through to final output, productions include:
Video Production, Audio Production and Digital TV/Film Production.

MEI-HOLLYWOOD in-house talent includes producers, directors, writers, composers, editors, camera
operators, sound engineers and graphic artists. Productions produced by us, range from commercial
advertising, corporate communications, music industry videos, CD's and DVD presentations, through to
television documentaries and film production.

Listed below is a list of the wide ranging industry services we offer our clients.
Please contact us if you have any questions.
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•        Events and Performances

Audio Production, we record
•        Voice-overs
•        Radio Commercial Spots
•        Music Album Recording
•        Live Performance Recording
•        Location Sound Recording

Music Production, we provide
•        Music Composition
•        Music Arranging
•        Music Licensing

Television Production, we provide
•        Camera Crews
•        Production Crews

Digital Film Production Services Include:
•        Camera Crew
•        Production Crew
•        Locations Scouting

Video Post Production, we provide
•        Non-Linear Editing
•        Digital Color Mastering
•        Compositing
•        3-D Modeling
•        Synchronization

Audio Post Production, we provide
•        Sound design
•        Foley
•        ADR
•        Audio Mixing / Sweetening
•        Mastering
•        Audio to Video Synchronization

Multimedia Services
•        DVD Authoring
•        DVD & CD Design
•        DVD & CD Replication
•        Blu ray Authoring and replication
•        Streaming Video for Web
•        Book Publishing and Distribution
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