JUST REMEMBER never give up hope. It takes years to become
a working actor, so don't be dissuaded

Casting Access, auditions, and entertainment-industry opportunities. Mei-Hollywood Casting Access
helps actors, models, singers, comedians, dancers,  variety performers, voice-over artists, and crew
members find Work. While helping casting directors, producers, directors, choreographers,
photographers, writers, agents, and other entertainment-industry employers find amazing talent for all
of their projects.

The key to success is exposure, exposure, exposure! Casting Directors and Agents are always
looking for new faces and dependable new talent. Although you may be very talented, the challenge
is, letting the people who can use your talents know of your availability or that you even exist?


We are working diligently to deliver the highest quality of service and access to a wide array of
auditions and castings specifically tailored to each of our members. We are constantly working to find
even better ways to enhance our members careers, from new technologies to help casting directors
find our members more easily to technologies that make the submission process easier.We also
believe that our services save our members valuable time and money to help them focus on their

We also have a full-time customer service staff available on the phone devoted to helping our
members with personalized service.We have worked very hard to build a service to help our
members succeed.
MEI-HOLLYWOOD.COM was founded to help talent and crew as well as the casting agent and producer.

The principals of MEI HOLLYWOOD. Casting Access are actors and know all to well the difficulties faced when
looking for work in the business. The Internet is truly the future of business and it provides a way for you as a
performer or crew person to display your talents far beyond your local area. We feel that it is important to have your
face and abilities available to as many casting agents, producers, directors, etc., around the world as
possible. Our belief is that you should leave no stone unturned. Exposure on such a large scale greatly increases
the chances that a casting director will see your face or resume, thus increasing your chances of getting work. After
all, that is what Future Casting Access is all about. When we help you get work, we solve a problem for a casting
director or producer as well.

In addition to giving casting directors around the world access to you, MEI HOLLYWOOD. Casting Access goes a
step further. We want to see you succeed and are interested in hearing about your successes. Which is why we not
only display your head-shot and resume, but offer a number of free services to help you grow and succeed in your
area of expertise. Here are a few of the many services made available to you by MEI HOLLYWOOD. Casting Access:
  • Auditions
  • Job listings
  • Current Events
  • Bulletin Board
  • Trade Organizations
  • Agencies
  • Union Information
  • Newsletter

The idea here is to be as helpful as possible to talent, crew and casting agents. We will continuously supply
information to enhance your career. All you need to do is to be a member of MEI HOLLYWOOD. Casting Access .
We realize that if you look good, we look good. If you get a job, we’ve done ours. We are also interested in what you
think, so let us know. E-mail us with any comments or concerns. If you ‘re in this business for the long haul, we
invite you to get listed.Get listed with MEI HOLLYWOOD. Casting Access today!
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