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Geronimo 2012. Una Storia D'Amore Non Di Odio
(Italian Edition)

Lidia Perrella (Author)
Best actor of the year 2012 to a native Indian artist from the United States of America brings confusion and amazement, not only in
the life of Anoki Geronimo but also within the large and complicated world of cinema. The notorious Mecca of cinema in Los
Angeles, prone to subliminal politics which shreds historical truth distorting the true nature of people treating them as goods and
profit, suffered a setback that considering making a film a story that shows how the multi-ethnicity, now a global phenomenon,
even today, even in environments where culture should be above any prejudice is instead still not associated with the concept of
integration. The message the author wants to give is that of a correct and unbiased portrait of a culture, that of Native Americans,
beyond the stereotypes of racism and discrimination. Native Americans have always been seen as fanatic people, thirsty of
conquest and power, known to history as murderers rather than victims; victims of a genocide, now undeniable, wanted with firm
decision, as historically established, but instead portrayed as misunderstandings between people so different. The intent is to help
the reader understand that every people has its own culture, traditions and values that must be respected and protected and as
such has the right to dignity and respect from all humanity...
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